Child Support Collection
Summary in Divorce

When the payor parent acts in good faith, child support is normally paid in one three ways: 1) directly, wherein the supporting parent sends checks directly to the other based on a schedule; 2) wage garnishment, wherein the payor’s employer deducts support and forwards it to the recipient; or 3) through the state’s child support enforcement agency, which arranges for a deduction and payment from the payor’s employer.

The direct method explains itself, and it works when parents cooperate.

Sometimes the direct method is a preliminary to the second, wage garnishment. Garnishment, however, only works if the payor is employed. Wage assignments, as garnishments are also called, make it easy for a parent to keep current with payments.

Federal law requires that every state maintain a child support enforcement agency. This venue of enforcement directly involves a third party, and it requires more information. Every state maintains a state child support enforcement agency website. The General Services Administration is also a place to begin. Its number is 888-878-3256.

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#329: It is getting more popular for courts to award visitation in a form of computer communication with a camera for those parents that are experiencing a long distance relationship with a child. Technology changes everything.
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