Child Support Collection
Summary in Divorce

When the payor parent acts in good faith, child support is normally paid in one three ways: 1) directly, wherein the supporting parent sends checks directly to the other based on a schedule; 2) wage garnishment, wherein the payor’s employer deducts support and forwards it to the recipient; or 3) through the state’s child support enforcement agency, which arranges for a deduction and payment from the payor’s employer.

The direct method explains itself, and it works when parents cooperate.

Sometimes the direct method is a preliminary to the second, wage garnishment. Garnishment, however, only works if the payor is employed. Wage assignments, as garnishments are also called, make it easy for a parent to keep current with payments.

Federal law requires that every state maintain a child support enforcement agency. This venue of enforcement directly involves a third party, and it requires more information. Every state maintains a state child support enforcement agency website. The General Services Administration is also a place to begin. Its number is 888-878-3256.

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#912: If a parent is not paying child support do not withhold visitation that is ordered by the court as punishment. This will not look good in the eye of the court as it does not see preventing child visitation as leverage to collect child support.
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