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Are you looking for an objective way to track ordinary custodial expenses?
All About The Children is the communication website for divorced, separated, or never married couples with children. ALL communications on the website are objective and stored in an electronic vault. Neither party is able to change emails or financial transactions once they have been sent, while both parties can print a summary of activities, if needed, for court. With, AATC, Itís simple to post and pay each other for all miscellaneous expenses related to the children. Paying child support is an option offered on All About The Children (please check with your state laws as child support payments differ from state to state). Become a member of today and help us revolutionize the way divorced couples communicate.
What guarantee do I have that I will receive timely child support payments?
Child support and parenting agreements are more likely to be maintained, without enforcement, when mutually decided. If the parties are in agreement, they are most likely willing to work together to see that the payments are made on time, and if needed, modified. An order of the court is never a guarantee, but is always an incentive to the payee to cooperate to avoid the consequences and punishment the court delivers if he or she becomes delinquent.
Helpful Tips and Facts
Child Support Enforcement
It is important that child support payments are made on a consistent and timely basis because each state has the authority to enforce payment and to impose penalties and sanctions ranging from suspension of driverís license to a period of incarceration of up to six months.
Self Employed Spouse Tip
Self employed spouses who owe support and donít want to pay are difficult to collect support from since they will not honor a wage assignment. They need to buy into the agreement which will not be the case if the judge tells them what to do (pay you). Those kinds of people need to be in mediation so they "buy in" to the agreement. They will be more likely to abide by it if they helped fashion it. The one size fits all wonít feel good to people who donít like being told what to do.
You Can Opt Out Of The State Collection System
The State of California has started a collection system that forces employers to forward all child support that has been collected by wage assignment to a central government office and that office forwards the money to the receiving parent. Many couples have chosen to do a wage assignment simply for convenience sake and not due to the paying party being delinquent or irresponsible. Those couples do not want to wait to have the money forwarded to them and donít want that kind of government interference. Instead of doing a wage assignment, which will automatically get the government involved, do an automatic deposit into the other parentís bank account.