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Can You Save a Marriage No Matter Who Initiated the Break Up?
If you made the choice to initiate a divorce and now you are second guessing that decision, you are a pretty good position. Swallowing your pride may be your biggest obstacle to take the first step of offering a sincere apology. You must then explain that your decision may have been in haste and you would like to discuss it. It may seem like a difficult step, but itís the one you will have to take. If you are now wondering how you can save a marriage when you didnít want a divorce in the first place, there is a way, but your challenge is greater. You must come from a vantage without accusation and without heavy emotion to engage in discourse. More than what you say in the initial stage, the way in which you say it is of utmost importance. In both scenarios, it is absolutely possible to save a marriage.
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The Secret To A Friendly Divorce
Most friendly divorces are more than luck and usually require some restraint and diplomacy. Anticipate that the two of you will not see eye-to-eye on many issues and prepare yourself to be patient. Settlements rarely happen on the first try. When the settlement conversations begin, explain to your spouse that you will make every attempt to hear them out, even if you are in total disagreement with what they are saying.