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Where can a person who is doing their own divorce get useful help?
Your county law library should have lists of books for you and of services offered by the courts and agencies in your community. Also, there are a few attorneys who offer phone consultations through their web sites.
How can a spouse who represents himself or herself in a contested case, get legal advice?
Often lawyers or web sites offer free consultations or to answer your question for free. However, these are often enticements to get you to retain them. There is, however, a small, but growing number of attorneys, both on the web and off who will really help. Search under "unbundled" or "DIY".
Are there any other choices for doing your own divorce than the "form" websites?
In earlier years, the only way to get a divorce yourself was to go to the book store or buy forms from an online "forms" company. These companies and forms are a one-size fits all form. Problem is, one size does not fit all. When looking for a "do it yourself" divorce, there are attorneys all over the country that are offering the purchase of forms that comes with the review of those forms by an attorney. You can also purchase "a la carte" services from the attorney to answer simple questions you may have. The costs are similar to the "forms" websites, but with the satisfaction of knowing that they are done correct because an attorney has reviewed them and walked you through the process. Be sure to check your search engine results for these attorneys.
Where can I get information on doing my own uncontested divorce?
Almost all bookstores have books on how to file an uncontested divorce. You may consider checking your local public library or the county court house library. You may also be able to find the necessary papers and information on the Internet, with careful searching. The information is readily available, because more and more people are doing their own legal work, especially when it comes to uncontested divorces.
Helpful Tips and Facts
Other forms of Limited Scope Representation
Limited Scope Representation is known by many names, including "Unbundled Legal Services," "Discrete Legal Services, " "Legal Coaching" and "a la carte legal services." These services can include preparation of legal documents for the self-representing client. Because the lawyer is not taking on the liability of full-representation, this is a win-win for pro se litigants. Even though the legal services are limited in this context, a lawyer must still be competent in the area of law that they are advising the client in and meet all ethical standards in providing legal services.
A Fool for Client
Remember the adage, a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. Well, only a fool tries to play lawyer in complicated cases. In complicated litigation, a party needs the benefit of a dispassionate advisor who prevents a client from making foolish decisions.
Working With, Not Against the Clerk
If you are a Pro Se divorce filer, you should accept it from the very beginning that you must limit expressing any frustrating with the clerk or the department’s performance. These are the people who will be facilitating your divorce so if you get on their wrong side your chances of a successful divorce filing are minimal.
Doing Your Own Divorce
Filing your own divorce is very popular in the uncontested segment, but beware that it involves much more that completing an application or two. There are on average ten documents that must be prepared properly and filed with the court to be granted a divorce.