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Helpful Tips and Facts
No Such Thing As Car Insurance for Criminal Defense
If you or your children kill someone in an car accident and are charged with negligent homicide or vehicular manslaughter, NO car insurance in this country will provide a criminal defense. You MUST have a Pre Paid legal plan to cover such things. In the summer of 2006 the American Bar Association announced that the most efficient way for the most people to have legal access is through a pre paid legal plan. This is how people will have access to attorneys in the future. They have had it in Europe for 100 years. The train is on the track, get on board.
Life Insurance Until There Is No Further Duty of Support
If one or both of you already has a life insurance policy naming the other parent the beneficiary, leave it in place until there is no further duty of support. If something were to happen to you, the kids and other parent would really be in trouble and you donít want your children to suffer. if you really donít trust the surviving parent to spend the money on the children, make sure the beneficiary is someone who WILL spend the money on the kids. Make a will that specifies who will act as trustee of the childrenís insurance proceeds.
Donít Forget the Medical Bills
Well-written parenting agreements include language about the maintenance of medical insurance for minor children and provisions for payment of out-of-pocket medical expenses for them.