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What can we do to make divorce as easy as possible?
Keep communication open between everyone-adult children, grandparents, and children. Allow everyone access to the children, and the children access to their grandparents. If there are stumbling blocks, set up some sessions with a Family Therapist to have neutral ground where post-divorce conflicts can be resolved.
What if grandparents live far away?
Cooperation is necessary to allow visits, and telephone communication. Even installing a picture phone gadget on the computers can make people feel closer even when visits are infrequent.
Helpful Tips and Facts
Grandparents Rights to Custody of Grandchildren - in Florida.
While Grandparents do not have an enforceable right to contact with grandchildren in the State of Florida, Chapter 751 of the Florida Statutes provides for Temporary Custody by Extended Family Members. This is a tool that can be used to assist Grandparents who find themselves taking care of the grandchildren when the parents are unable too. It also helps keep families out of Dependency Court, but does not prohibit access to services from the Dept. of Children and Families. While custody is no longer a term used in Florida in describing the parentsí relationship to their children, it is still used as it applies to third parties.
Moving Back in With Your Parents After Divorce
Children returning to their parentís home as adults may find some of the old childhood issues between themselves and their parents surfacing. The favored daughter-in-law or son-in law may be seen as the enemy. Children may be used as weapons against their beloved grandparents, or as tools to get what is wanted.
Grandparents Helping to take Care of the Children
Depending upon custody arrangements and financial issues, woman who have been homemakers may need to return to work, men who work full time will need help with the children after school or during work or business commitments. In amicable divorces parents can work with both sets of grandparents to work out these arrangements, but it becomes more difficult when hostility and anger are escalated.
Inviting Your Child To Live With You After they Divorce
Often adult children return to live temporarily (and sometimes this becomes a very long-term arrangement) back to their parents home. This can mean the older generation must postpone a planned sale of their house, and if there are young children to be cared for, they may be required to postpone traveling plans.
Grandparents and Divorce
Divorce effects many people in the family, and often the grandparents of both spouses experience pain, grief, and new responsibilities. Many find themselves being recruited into new roles just as they are about to retire. For many, retirement plans are postponed and new duties are added-both financial and emotionally.