Category: Domestic Abuse
Helpful Tips and Facts
The Effect on Children Witnessing Domestic Violence in Divorce
Children are caught in the middle between parents. In high conflict divorce, the escalation of physical and emotional abuse can be terrifying. Those most vulnerable- the children-may witness scenes of verbal threats, intimidation, and physical violence that may leave a permanent deep wound in the unconscious without awareness. Fear and anxiety later on, in adulthood, may be symptoms of hidden, underlying trauma from witnessing domestic violence in early childhood. Healing from trauma with symptom reduction can be found by engaging in psychotherapy.
Domestic Violnce During Divorce and Separation
Very often a marriage in the process of dissolution is more volatile than ever. Women facing angry men are at an obvious disadvantage. A woman who is at risk should ask for help.
Dangerous Men
A man who is given to violence when dating a woman will continue that behavior in marriage. Many women who make excuses for the violent and abusive behavior of their partners learn the hard way that this behavior only becomes worse. It puts the women and any children in grave danger of injury or even death.
Recognizing Possessive Behavior
People in romantic relationship -- dating and marriage -- do not own each other. Violent partners are often those who are possessive of the other person. Very often a violent or abusive man threatens a women with statements to the effect that "if I cannot have you, no one will." These are red flags no to be ignored.
Threats of Violence and Abuse
Abusive men often convince woman that they have a beating "coming." This is nonsense; no one ever deserves to be beaten or abused, physically or emotionally. Many times women involved with abusive men go to heroic lengths to placate these individuals, whose outbursts of violence emanate from deep-seated personality problems, including a refusal to accept responsibility for his conduct.
Document All Abuse
A parent who suspects that his or her spouse is abusing a child should take the child for medical treatment and document the episode as soon as possible. This will be the evidence that the court will need to prove that the abuse occurred.
But, It Does Not Happen Often...
"It does not happen often." This is what most police officers hear when settling a domestic dispute. The spouse who has been abused does not want the other spouse to go to jail. Everyone should know that abuse escalates over time, so what is not "so often" becomes "a lot," and it typically gets worse, so when signs of abuse are evident, it is best to rectify the situation as soon as possible.
Abuse Escalates Without Notice
Domestic abuse escalates, and no one need live in fear of it. Over time the level and amount of abuse will typically increase and the abused often times does not recognize this as soon as they should.