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As a young college student is an annulment better than a divorce?
While an annulment will give you the status of never being married, the next time you apply for financial aid you may need to provide your parentsí income. Check with your local financial aid office to see if being divorced will allow you to only include your income and not your parents on FAFSA, which will likely allow you to obtain more financial aid.
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Number of Annulments Are Increasing...
Due to the increase in identity theft and marriage requirements for immigrants to maintain or achieve permanent residency, more and more marriages are being labeled by the courts as fraudulent.
So You Want an Annulment...
Many spouses are under the impression that he or she are eligible for a legal annulment because they were only married for a short period of time or because they do not have any children with their spouse. These are typically not valid reasons for a court to grant an annulment. Duress, bigamy, and fraud are the most common grounds for an annulment.